Pituitary Tumor

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Visual Field Defects

  • Bitemporal Hemianopsia
    • Heteronymous hemianopia can lead to the so-called ‘hemifield slide phenomenon’
    • Deficits begin at mark I/2 (Goldmann), i.e., in the inner 30° of the visual field; these deficits should also be visible in a Octopus G2 visual field


  • Postoperatively (or in the case of prolactinoma after starting Dostinex (cabergoline) therapy), initially perform follow-ups every 3 months; if the findings are stable, then extend to every 6 months
  • Depending on whether a tumor residue exists and how close it is to the chiasma -> keep follow-ups at 6-month intervals or extend to annually
  • Follow-ups should not be less frequent than annually, as the purpose of the follow-ups is the early detection of a recurrence
  • In the case of prolactinoma + pregnancy (Dostinex (cabergoline) discontinued) -> monthly follow-ups or more if needed (tumor can grow rapidly!)


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