Lens Induced Glaucomas

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Phacolytic Glaucoma

Definition / Aetiology

  • = Lens protein glaucoma
  • Secondary open-angle glaucoma observed in association with a hypermature cataract. It involves obstruction of the trabecular meshwork by high molecular weight lens proteins, which leak from the intact capsule into the aqueous humour.

Clinical Presentation

  • Pain, hypermature cataract, corneal oedema, +/- floating white particles in the aqueous humour, and potentially a pseudohypopyon, deep anterior chamber


  • Lower intraocular pressure (IOP), followed by cataract surgery


Phacomorphic Glaucoma

Definition/ Aetiology

  • An acute secondary angle-closure glaucoma triggered by an intumescent lens

Clinical Presentation

  • Shallow anterior chamber, moderately dilated pupil.


  • Lowering of intraocular pressure, possibly systemically with Diamox or Mannitol
  • Miotics are not recommended as they can exacerbate the apposition of the iris to the lens and push the lens forward
  • Consider iridotomy
  • Early cataract surgery is advised


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