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  • Actinomyces israelii (gram-positive, anaerobic bacteria)


  • Epiphora with chronic mucopurulent conjunctivitis not responding to conventional therapy
  • May have swollen lacrimal punctum
  • Mucopurulent secretion when pressure is applied to the canaliculus
  • Concretions consisting of yellowish sulphur granules (cheesy secretion) can be expressed by pressure on the canaliculus
  • Punctal plug?


  • Warm compresses, digital massage, and topical antibiotics (e.g. Floxal gtt 4x/d)
    • usually not curative
  • Consider intracanalicular irrigation with antibiotic (e.g. Floxal)
  • Usually surgery necessary: Canaliculotomy: linear incision into the conjunctival side of the canaliculus and curettage of the concretions, consider placing a silicone stent to avoid scarring


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