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Kanski’s Clinical Ophthalmology

Author/Publisher: John Salmon, Elsevier, 9th Edition (2019)

  • Great overview – must read for every ophthalmologist
  • very good as an introduction, not all diseases described in detail
  • beautiful pictures
  • partly suitable for EBO / ICO exams, supplementary literature necessary


The Wills Eye Manual: Office and Emergency Room Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Disease

Authors/Publisher: Nika Bagheri MD, Brynn Wajda MD, et al; Lippincott Williams&Wilkins; 7th edition (2016).

  • 100% clinically oriented – perfect while being on call
  • keyword instructions on what to do and when
  • handy, fits in your coat pocket
  • for everyday use very suitable
  • for oral exams helpful for preparation, less suitable for multiple choice exams


Review of Ophthalmology

Authors/Publisher: Neil J. Friedman MD, Peter K. Kaiser MD, William B. Trattler MD; Elsevier; 3rd edition (2017)

  • key information, bullet points – perfect for exam preparation
  • Overview of all the important topics
  • Key studies summarised
  • some minor errors present
  • known as “Friedman”
  • there are multiple choice questions after each chapter


Clinical Optics Third Edition

Authors/Publisher: A.R. Elkington, H.J. Frank, M.J. Greaney; Wiley-Blackwell; 3rd edition (1999)

  • Standard work for optics and refraction
  • Summary of all important concepts
  • Explanations sometimes difficult to understand without prior knowledge
  • certain chapters no longer up to date
  • recommended as exam preparation for ICO Optics, Refraction and Instruments


Multiple Choice Fragen

MCQs for FRCOphth and ICO Basic Sciences Examinations

Authors/Publisher: Sameer Trikha, Silva Samantha de, Hemal Mehta, Simon Keightley; CRC Press; 1st Edition (2012)

  • recommended for ICO Visual Sciences Exam
  • some questions on Optics


FRCOphth: 400 SBAs and CRQs Part 1

Authors/Publisher: Nikki Hall, Robert Peden; JP Medical Ltd; 1st Edition (2016)

  • recommended for ICO Visual Sciences Exam
  • some questions on Optics


Review Questions in Ophthalmology

Authors/Publisher: Kenneth C. Chern, Michael A. Saidel; Wolters Kluwer Health; 3rd Edition (2014)

  • recommended for ICO Clinical / Advanced Exam and EBO
  • Over 1000 questions divided according to topics


The Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Review Manual for Ophthalmology

Authors/Publisher: Veeral S. Sheth MD, Marcus M. Marcet MD, Paulpoj Chiranand MD, Harit K. Bhatt MD, Jeffrey C. Lamkin MD, Rama D. Jager MD MBA FACS; LWW; 4th Edition (2011)

  • recommended for ICO Clinical / Advanced Exam and EBO
  • over 1800 questions divided according to topics


More Books

AAO – Basic and Clinical Science Course

Authors/Publisher: American Academy of Ophthalmology

  • very detailed, 13 volumes
  • very readable, but a lot of time needed to read all volumes
  • international standard work, many hospitals base their training programme on it
  • annual new edition with 3-4 completely revised volumes
  • very expensive (Members 1300$, Non-Members 1855$ in 03/2020)


Case Reviews in Ophthalmology

Authors/Publisher: Neil J. Friedman, Peter K. Kaiser; Elsevier; 2nd Edition (2016)

  • great compilation of 146 clinical cases with photos and questions
  • ideal for oral examination (EBO)


Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology

Authors/Publisher: Alastair K. O. Denniston, Philip I. Murray; Oxford University Press; 4th Edition (2018)

  • good alternative to Wills Eye Manual
  • most important facts about each disease nicely compiled
  • ideal while being on call, fits in coat pocket


Cornea Atlas

Authors/Publisher: Jay H. Krachmer, David A. Palay; Saunders; 3rd Edition (2013)

  • very nice compilation of corneal findings
  • short descriptions and explanations of findings
  • as a textbook alone not comprehensive enough
  • ideal to memorise findings


The Retinal Atlas

Authors/Publisher: K. Bailey Freund MD, David Sarraf MD, William F. Mieler MD, Lawrence A. Yannuzzi MD; Elsevier; 2nd Edition (2016)

  • wonderful collection of retinal diseases with fundus photos, ICG/Fluo images, OCT etc.
  • detailed explanations of disease patterns
  • very helpful to memorise retinal diseases better
  • must buy if interested in subspecialisation in retina