Allergic Conjunctivitis

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  • acute
  • seasonal (e.g., hay fever)
  • perennial (= year-round)


  • Itching, tearing, chemosis, redness, watery discharge


  • General measures:
    • Avoidance of the allergen
    • Cold compresses
    • Wash clothes more often, wash hair before sleeping
  • Topical medication:
    • Mast cell stabilizers, e.g., Cromoglicic acid: Allergo Comod 2% gtt 4x/day
    • H1 receptor antagonists, e.g., Emadine SE gtt 4x/day
    • Combination preparations, e.g., Zaditen gtt SDU 2x/day or Opatanol gtt 2x/day
  • Consider systemic antihistamines
  • Consider desensitisation

Differential Diagnoses


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